Responsible Gaming

VBET is committed to endorsing responsible wagering among its customers as well as promoting the awareness of problem gambling and improving prevention, intervention and treatment.

VBET’s Responsible Gambling Policy sets out its commitment to minimising the negative effects of problem gambling and to promoting responsible gambling practices.


VBET supports the generation of online gamblers, offering them a wide range of games and entertainment. We also take responsibility for our product line-up.

Clear and safe products allow each user to play within their financial means and to receive the highest quality service. Integrity, fairness and reliability are the guiding principles of VBET.


The aim of VBET is to provide the world’s safest and most innovative betting and gaming platform for adults. The offered clear and safe products allow each user to play within his financial means and to receive the highest quality service. Integrity, fairness and reliability are the guiding principles of VBET’s work. It is therefore clear that VBET should do its best to avoid and reduce the problems, which can arise from participation in gambling, particularly in cases of immoderate playing. At the same time, it is important to respect the rights of those who take part in games of chance to a reasonable extent as means of entertainment.

Player security


We are responsible for our player’s security. To make sure that the minors are not engaged in gambling, we are closely working with independent organisations running age verification. We acknowledge the importance of keeping our players’ privacy, hence being too cautious in the processing of personal data and payments.

The products offered by us are being tested through the leading testing laboratories, to ensure its randomness and fairness. The marketing and advertising are being communicated in a way which does not contradict the rules set by the UK Gambling Commission and player protection policy implemented by us. 

Protection against gambling addiction: research – prevention – intervention


Betting and gaming is a form of entertainment like other leisure activities. Unfortunately, for some people, betting and gaming can become addictive.


Customers with betting and gaming addiction should take steps to prevent their participation in gaming activities. Therefore, VBET highlights the importance of contacting the organisations below for those customers to get support and professional advice.

To get more information on the extent, possible causes and consequences of problem gambling you can visit the UKGC website section on responsible gambling: 




VBET.co.uk encourage you to find more information related to responsible gambling at the following organisations:


GambleAware - https://about.gambleaware.org/

GamCare UK - http://www.gamcare.org.uk/ 

Gamblers Anonymous UK - http://www.gamblersanonymous.org.uk/

Gambling Therapy - https://www.gamblingtherapy.org/

The National Council on Problem Gaming - http://www.ncpgambling.org/

Protection of minors

VBET strictly does not allow minors (persons under the age of 18) to participate in games and make bets. We, therefore, request age confirmation as a mandatory requirement during the registration process. VBET considers the issue of minors taking part in games and betting very seriously. In order to offer the best possible protection of minors, we also rely on the support of parents and carers. 


To protect minors, please:


  • Keep your data for account access in a safe place (user ID and password)
  • Do not save your passwords 
  • Always log out of your account
  • Inform your children about the potential negative consequences of underage gambling

Furthermore, we would recommend that you install third party filter software. This software will allow you to restrict the access to Internet resources inappropriate for children and teenagers. We recommend the following:


Netnanny: www.netnanny.com/features/internet-filter

Gamblock: www.gamblock.com

Betfilter: http://www.betfilter.com/

CYBERsitter: https://www.cybersitter.com/ 

Responsibility towards problems


VBET provides a variety of betting and gaming products to make sure that players can enjoy the time spent on the website. At the same time, having acknowledged the seriousness and importance of the players’ safe gambling experience, VBET offers a range of tools and other forms of support, in order for them to be able to control their gambling. Those who have difficulties with assessing risks and defining their gambling limits or who are not taking gambling as a form of entertainment, VBET takes the responsibility of blocking their access to the products offered through the website.

Problem gambling 


Problem gambling is any behaviour that disrupts your life.

Gambling addiction, also known as pathological gambling, compulsive gambling or gambling disorder, is a mental-health problem - one of many kinds of impulse-control problems and similar to other addictive disorders. 

Problem gamblers cannot control the impulse to gamble even if it has negative impact on them and their loved ones. 

The signs of problem gambling


  • You are preoccupied with gambling and lost your interest in other aspects of life
  • You are gambling to escape from the problems you have (personal, work, etc.)
  • You are unable to stop gambling, even if you realize that you are losing.
  • You are increasing the amount of money in order to win back the losses.
  • You are lying about the time and money spent on gambling.
  • You are stealing or borrowing money to gamble or pay gambling debts.
  • You prefer to spend your time gambling, rather than with your family, friends and loved ones.

Rules for responsible gambling


The rules placed below will help you to play responsibly:


  • Treat gambling as a form of entertainment
  • Do not bet more money than you can afford to lose
  • Make sure to use the tools we offer to control your gambling
  • Do not think of gambling as a source of income
  • Never chase losses
  • Do not play under the influence of alcohol
  • Do not play when you are depressed
  • Make sure that gambling is a small part of your balanced lifestyle

Self-responsibility is the most sustainable form of prevention


VBET promotes and encourages self-responsibility among its customers. This is believed to be the most efficient way of protection from addiction. We expect our customers to treat gambling as one of many alternatives to entertainment in their lifestyle. The most important principle of responsible gambling is not spending more money on gambling than one can afford.

VBET is doing its best to help the customers to act responsibly while playing through our website, by being fully transparent with them and offering well-developed and tested products and additional tools to monitor their actions.

Tools provided by us to monitor your gambling


VBET is doing its best to make your time with us enjoyable . We encourage you to use the tools presented below, to ensure that gambling is fun.

Deposit limits


We suggest you to set a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit to your account to control your gambling effectively. Limits cannot be overridden. Once a limit has been set, you will only be able to increase that limit seven days after your first request. You can set Deposit Limit settings from the “My Profile” section of your account or our customer support agents will assist you in this.

Reality checks


We suggest you to activate Reality Check function to help you to manage your playing time. A popup alert reminder will be displayed which will indicate the period of time you have been logged into your account - 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, four hours, six hours or eight hours. The alerts that you set will be applied to your account straight away, but if you wish to receive the alerts less often, you will need to wait 24 hours for the settings to be adjusted. Reality Check settings can be accessed in the “My Profile” section of your account or you can contact customer support who will assist you in applying this tool.

Time out 


If you want to take a short break - from one day to six weeks- you can apply a Time Out setting to your account. You can set this tool yourself or contact our customer support to assist you. 



In case you feel that all the above-mentioned tools are not enough to control your gambling, you can Self-Exclude yourself. This tool can be applied for periods at your discretion from six months to five years.

If you are self-excluded you will not be able to access your account until the expiry of the self-exclusion period. Your Account cannot be reopened within the exclusion period. We will do our best to prevent a new account opening attempts through our website and also all the other associated websites. 

If you are self-excluding yourself any balance in the account will be refunded. During your self-exclusion we will not send you any marketing and/or promotional materials. 

Your account can only be re-opened if you contact our customer support after your self-exclusion period has expired. You will have a 24 hour “cooling off” period if you want resume gambling. 

Account closure


If you wish to permanently close your account, please contact our customer support as soon as possible. Once this is done you will not be able to re-open the account under any circumstances. 



If you wish to permanently close your account due to problem gambling, please contact customer support as soon as possible.Once this is done you will not be able to reopen the account under any circumstances. If you are considering self-exclusion, you may wish to register with GAMSTOP. GAMSTOP is a free service that enables you to self-exclude from all online gambling companies licensed in Great Britain. To find out more and to sign up with GAMSTOP please visit www.gamstop.co.uk