Card & Wheel Tournaments – are you ready to roll?

Win from a massive prize pool of £98,000 when you take a seat at VBET’s Card & Wheel Tournaments!

For five weeks, we are offering VBET’s Live Casino players several chances to win big by collecting points playing Live Roulette and Live Card games.

Play for a weekly prize fund of £9,500 in both Live Roulette and Live Card games during the first four stages of Card & Wheel Tournaments.

The promotion reaches a stunning finale at stage five, as Live Casino lovers do battle for a huge £11,000 in prize-money in both Live Roulette and Live Card games.

It’s quite simple: the more points you earn, the higher your place in every weekly leaderboard.

And the higher your place in every weekly leaderboard, the greater the chance you have of winning big cash prizes.

Card & Wheel Tournaments run from December 20, 2019 to January 24, 2020 and gives everyone the chance to win big – with the top 30 players from each stage earning cash prizes.


Here are the dates of our exclusive Card & Wheel Tournaments


  • Stage One: December 20, 12:00 to December 27, 11:59 (GMT+4)
  • Stage Two: December 27, 12:00 to January 3, 11:59 (GMT+4)
  • Stage Three: January 3, 12:00 to January 10, 11:59 (GMT+4)
  • Stage Four: January 10, 12:00 to January 17, 11:59 (GMT+4)
  • Stage Five: January 17, 12:00 to January 24, 11:59 (GMT+4)


And here’s how to join any Card & Wheel tournament


  • Login to your VBET account
  • Head to Live Casino
  • Bet a minimum of £5 on any Live Card game or on Live Roulette
  • Gain automatic entry into a Card & Wheel tournament


Click here to win a share of big money playing Card & Wheel Tournaments:



How to win


For Live Card games:

Total bet/total win > = 2+bet/minimum bet


For Live Roulette:

Total bet/total win > = 6+bet/minimum bet


Minimum bet: £5


How to collect points


Receive two points for when you win playing Card games, when odds are minimum of 1/1 and 5/1 in Roulette 


For example:


Live Card games: £10/£5 > = 1/1 + £5/£5 = 2

Live Roulette: £25/£5 > = 5/1 + £5/£5 =2


Terms and Conditions


  • Card & Wheel Tournaments starts on December 20, 2019 at 12:00 and ends January 24 , 2020 at 11:59 (GMT+4)
  • Place a minimum £5 bet in any Live Card game or on Live Roulette to qualify within the validity period of each tournament
  • The more points you collect, the higher your position on the leaderboards
  • The leaderboard will be updated every five seconds
  • Winnings will be deposited to the winners’ accounts within one minute at the end of each tournament. In case of a tie, the advantage will be given to the player who has registered for the tournament first
  • Each player participating in the tournaments authorises and accepts the publication of their personal ID for any reason connected to the promotion
  • The company reserves the right to review the tournament results and not provide the winnings, if it is revealed, that a player has applied a special program intended to defraud the company
  • Each player participating in the tournaments confirm to having read and accepted the current rules.
  • The company reserves the right to cancel, amend or terminate the current promotion at any time
  • General Terms and Conditions determined by the company apply for the current promotion





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